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   Pet Friendly Lodging

California Health and Safety Code prohibits any animal (other than Service Animals) from entering the premises of an establishment that serves food and beverages. The exception is for those places that offer direct access to an outdoor seating area.

We do research and confirm the pet friendly status of our listings and label our findings with the notation. However pet policies may vary from restaurant to restaurant, policies may suddenly change, and some restaurants may only have a limited number of pet friendly tables available. So at the end of the day, we recommend that you call a restaurant directly to confirm their pet policy and availability. We want traveling with your pet to be full of adventure, not unpleasant surprises.

Tips for Visiting California Restaurants

  • Keep your pet on a "short leash" until you assess the reaction of your fellow diners. Not everyone is comfortable with a surprise visit from a gregarious pooch or a friendly Iguana while dining.

  • However tempting, refrain from feeding your pet from the table. Traveling in itself is a lot of excitement and a change in diet may upset the stomach.

  • If your pet is more comfortable in a crate or travel cage, don't hesitate to bring one with you. Your kitty may enjoy snoozing under your table in a carrier rather than wandering about while you're enjoying your meal.

  • Bring water, a bowl and poop bags. A restaurant may provide some of these, but that isn't their primary job. Making sure you have a good meal is!

  • A favorite toy or treats can provide hours of entertainment and a distraction for a pet while you're enjoying a meal.

  • If you've had a good dining experience, be sure to tell your server, and a manager. Allowing pets in a restaurant is a choice. Complimenting the management and staff when you have a good experience can go a long way in reconfirming a restaurant's pet policy.

At a Glance... California Cities with Pet Friendly Restaurants

Fountain Valley
Palm Springs



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